The Tick by Mago Flash - Trick

The Tick by Mago Flash - Trick

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The Tick by Mago Flash from Spain is a mentalism tool that can be used as opener, or during a routine.

You ask the spectators to choose 7 or 8 items from any topic (could be celebrities, countries, music, etc.)

You write them on the board openly, as they call them.

Now ask them to THINK of one of the items, as you will predict it by placing a checkmark on one.

Leave the marker away, hands clean, they name which one they thought.

When you show the board, a tick or checkmark is placed on the correct one!
  • Easy to do
  • Resets in seconds
  • No thumb writers, nail writers, nothing in your hands
  • Everything included, ready to go
A must have for any modern magician/mentalist.

Professional made board on black leather.