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As my subscribers know I don't send a lot of emails. I personally do not like marketing emails or clickbait style ads. However moving into my 2nd year of business here at Spellbound I thought it was time for a few fun and creative events, as well as online events, shows, and contests. 

March 25th I will be sending out an email announcing some fun events, and you are the first to find out about them. Here is a sneak peak of some of the things I will be doing. 

Open Mic: Really this is a chance for you to send it your performance clips. This could be from a live show in the past or even something you record just for this event. The top 3 voted best from a small panel of judges will win some cool magic.

Giveaways: These will be random contest based giveaways. Some may include entrees for every X amount spent in our online store, and others may be selected random as a thank you for subscribing. These will be via email and on social media so make sure to follow on facebook. 

24hr Flash Sale: This will be sent out via email, and posted on facebook. This one is important to have notifications turned on if you are following through Facebook, and keep your email updated. Random popular items hand picked by me will be set to a flash sale with a very generous discount. 


These are just some of the ideas, and if you have anything you would like to see don't hesitate to message us or give us a call. 


Travis Nye

Owner: Spellbound Magic Shop & Theater





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