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    It is a new year, and a lot of people take this time to make new goals for their personal lives, and professional lives as well. Here at Spellbound, we have some goals and ambitions of our own. My number one priority isn't to sell you magic, but instead to inspire and show you the value of it. If I were to ask you what "Magic" is, I want you to think to yourself how you would answer that question. Obviously, you are reading a blog post from a magic shop, so you are being slightly influenced. The general public often answers with something like casting spells similar to Harry Potter, or maybe even as something more forbidden like a dark power.

     I enjoy all types of magic (sleight of hand, illusion, mentalism, etc.) but for me, they are just "tricks" and not real magic. I am always on the fence when a parent comes into check out the shop to make sure it is not a store of witchcraft before they bring their child in to see it. I could take the opportunity to have fun and play the part of someone who believes what I do is supernatural, but of course, that is silly, and in no way would I ever want anyone to be afraid of what it really is. Spellbound offers magic tricks, props, illusions, jokes, and puzzles. It truly borderlines as a toy store for all ages. When I get an opportunity to perform a simple close-up magic trick for those parents it is amazing the reaction they give. They instantly light up and are obviously fooled by the "trick". I know this by the roll of the eyes, the turn of the head, a step back, followed by how did you do that (oftentimes with a few sentence enhancers in there "&%$#"). At that moment they feel like a kid again, and express how excited they are to bring their kids in. This moment is what sets my store apart from an Amazon, or a Walmart. It's not about the shopping and spending but about the experience. 

     We see so many toy ads that get kids excited because they depict live-action, motion, adventure, and stories you expect to get with the toy. Your child is so excited to open it and sure it's fun for a little bit but the things advertised aren't really there, and if it is, it's only there for the child. Imagine them (or you) getting a new toy that promises all these things. The wonder behind it, the excitement, and what's best is others are excited to share the experience with them/you. I can honestly say for myself and thousands of others that is exactly what magic is. When you come into Spellbound you will experience that first hand, and when you leave, you will get to take that experience with you and share it with everyone.

     If you have never watched really good magic tricks up close and experienced the real magic of it, then I invite you to stop into my shop and you will understand what I am talking about. If you want to share that feeling with others let's talk about hosting a show for your friends, family, and or co-workers. I feel I must warn you though it ("real" magic) is very contagious and if you want to learn some magic tricks for yourself, Spellbound Magic Shop can start you on your journey.

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