March 2021: What's HOT In magic!!!

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Hopefully by now our readers are starting to get to know the shop and what we offer. With that being said it's time to reflect back on what has been released this year up until now, and a couple sneak peaks for what is to come. Let's jump right in with some of our favorites.

1. FALL 2.0 by Banachek and Philip Ryan

One of the best selling mentalism/magic effects of the past decade just got an upgrade. Since the original release Philip has been working on creating a version with the Sharpie that enables the performer to WRITE with the Sharpie THEN have it fall on command. After years of research and development we are proud to release FALL 2.0.

The original FALL has been used by the top magicians and mentalists around the world.

This is one of the strongest effects you can do with a Sharpie marker. A Sharpie is used during your performance. It is then placed on a table or on a glass. The performer concentrates and the pen falls dramatically to the floor. Simple, direct yet powerful. Both Banachek and Ryan have had people screaming and even running out of a room!

You can control the timing of the drop - making it take 15 seconds or up to 2 minutes, depending on how dramatic you want this to be.

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2. MUSIC BOX by Gee Magic

Music is one of the most powerful art forms that he has, now imagines when combining it with magic.


1. You start by showing a music box and strip of paper with some holes. You start playing the music and they will not recognize the music. They choose the music and they imagine the song playing in their head. After that, they play the music box and the music that they are thinking starts to Play.

2. After the spectator choose the music you introduce a strip of paper and you ask the spectator to think of that music. You then start doing some holes on the strip. They insert the strip on the music box and the music that they are thinking starts to play.

3. Show them the music box and you start playing your favorite music. Then the spectator is asked to choose music. And by magic, the music that they choose starts playing in the same strip as your favorite music was played.

4. In this routine you will make your spectator believe that you place music or melody in their head that was never there.

5. You place a prediction on the table and show a pack of cards with music and melodies written on them. You ask your spectator to choose three kinds of music. Then you take the three chosen music and place them on the table. You ask them if it would be amazing if you guessed one of the songs. You show your prediction and it's wrong. Then you make attention that every single card has some holes and those holes make the music of your prediction. They won't believe and then you introduce the music box and you put the three chosen cards and your prediction together in the music box and the song that was written on the prediction will play.

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3. Shadow Wallet Leather (Gimmick and Online Instructions)

The Shadow Wallet by Dee Christopher & The 1914 is a revolutionary minimalist mentalism device.

The world's slimmest self-contained index and peek wallet. Created in two distinctly different styles, to fit in any pocket (even the skinniest of jeans), purse or bag. Choose the one that suits you best:

Classic Leather Edition: Produced in high quality, soft leather; this wallet serves a timeless, high-tier look for those looking to project professionalism and class in business meetings, award shows, and black tie events.

Carbon Fibre Edition: The first magic wallet ever produced in real carbon fiber; to last a lifetime. The glossy, modern look of the carbon fiber is trimmed with vegan leather to create a cruelty-free option for performers looking for a futuristic, post-modern look for casual situations, nightclub gigs, and street performance.

Despite being only 1cm (less than half an inch) thick when fully loaded with your credit cards, cash, and the included custom-designed gimmicks and privacy filter, Shadow gives you the ability to perform mind-blowing feats of mentalism at a moment's notice.

- You will be able to pull a named card from the wallet, before showing it to be empty except for that named card. (No deck required, cards included.)

- You will be able to peek at any information written on a business card, placed inside the wallet. (With or without the included filter.)

- You will even be able to perform a unique book test effect, using a completely examinable single page folded up in your wallet. (Using an ordinary book, you have hundreds of refills for next to nothing!)

In the two-hour masterclass, you receive with the purchase of your new wallet, Dee Christopher and Lewis Le Val discuss the many options you have for the above effects. Regardless of your experience or skill level, you will be able to perform these tricks using this fantastic device. The guys teach many peeks for different situations, several handlings for the thought of card (or star sign) in the wallet, and a multitude of subtleties, routines, advice, and other work in an entertaining manner.

You will sit in on the discussion and absorb a vast amount of knowledge as they hold nothing back. You are given everything you need to perform incredible mind-reading and prediction effects using your new everyday, ultra-minimalist wallet.

That Shadow Wallet gives you the power to create your own effects. With the cleanest of peeks, a 6-way index that can contain up to 12 outs, the concepts discussed in the masterclass, and your creativity, you'll be building your own unique routines in no time.

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Also don't forget about our streaming library with over 1,000 downloadable magic tutorials.Not sure where to start your search for great magic? Here is one of our biggest sellers at the shop for digital content.

4.Ammar Trilogy (3 Video Set)

This is what professionals call The Real Work. It's all revealed with the trademark technique pioneered by World Champion Magician Michael Ammar that features over-the-shoulder views that show exactly what your own hands should look like as you perform. You'll also discover The Real Secrets - beyond the technical methods, you'll learn why things work the way they do, how to make people care about the magic you perform, what to do if things go wrong, the best ways to improve your magic, how to create entertaining routines, how to be ready for any outcome, when to perform and when to quit, the basic rules and when to br4eak them, and much more - all from a world champion performer with 30 years of experience in teaching magic to other magicians!

Volume One - The Exciting World of Magic

Astonishing magical surprises using spoons, rubber bands, napkins, business cards, pencils, salt-shakers and more give you the power to entertain at any time at any table - at home of in a restaurant. Years of research went into gathering the very best of the professional-strength magic that can be learned by anyone truly committed to learning it. The Real Work has never been so carefully collected, so clearly explained, or taught so effectively. Ammar's love of magic and passion for teaching come together in this classic collection of some of his finest work.

Volume Two - Amazing Secrets of Card Magic

Those secrets empower you to amaze anyone with any deck of cards! From the very basic of card handling to flourishes and magic used by professionals, you'll be able to product any selected card, all four Aces or a full Royal Flush! Plus, you'll discover the secret to magically separating all the red from all the black cards, how to instantly cause a deck shuffled face up into face down cards to all face the same direction, and many other effects you'll want to perform for a lifetime!

Volume Three - Complete Introduction to Coin Magic

Imagine the thrill of knowing you can take any coin from your pocket and do incredible magic with it at any time, any place! True secrets for making coins disappear and reappear just about anywhere over and over - in the coolest ways! Technique after technique, routine after routine - you'll be amazed by how much magic you already have in your pockets! With slow motion and extreme close-up views of step-by-step instructions, there has never been a better system for mastering true sleight of hand.

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