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In times like these it is often easy to dismiss the need for Art, Performances, Entertainment, and an outside influence. When the focus is so heavy on the importance of safety, and with social distancing we are unsure where the boundaries are drawn. By now we have all been involved in virtual events, meetings, presentations, and class rooms. As an instructor you know it can be difficult to hold the attention of the students, and to be confident that your reaching them with the information you have. It is also the same on the other side for the students. With often poor video quality, and or sound it just isn't the same as a live presentation. Don't blame yourself though, it isn't your fault. How many times have you watched a movie, or TV show and no matter how good it is, you find time to glance down and pick up your phone, or walk away for a drink or snack. As a virtual event we will never be able to compete with the quality of a Hollywood production team, and the stories the writers script out. However there is a way to captivate the same intrigue, wonder, and creativity that those big budget presenters, and productions create.

The answer is by finding a way to connect with story. Tell a story of struggle, defeat, truth, and the hero that overcame all of those obstacles to triumph in the end. These are all the ingredients that make a great story. I bet if you look deep into yourself and think about your life you can find all of these things. You are the hero of your own story because no matter what you're going through or have gone through you are here now...you are the hero battling for your victory, or you have already overcome your obstacles, and your story is ready to be told. 

Magician Travis Nye has story just like that, ready to inspire, motivate, captivate, and instill wonder in all who are willing to truly listen. What makes Travis different than other presenters and speakers? Travis has been performing Magic for over 17 years across the country and can use his craft to truly create a magical moment that will add that extra flare and leave the audience at the edge of their seat excited and hungry for more. It may be a simple magic trick that deceives them  like many other things in this world, or perhaps a dangerous stunt that Travis had to overcome his fear of in order to move forward. 

With COVID being a very real thing there are a lot of us who are seeking to find that inspiration, that create boost, or maybe even a way to fight against depression of lack of mental and emotional stimulation we all feed on to keep a positive attitude. Travis has created an interactive presentation where the audience doesn't even need to join him on stage. All of this can be done while keeping a safe. distance. 

If this is something you are interested in learning more about you can contact Travis Nye at info@magicoftravisnye.com

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