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     I remember getting one of my first magic kits as a kit. It was full of colorful props tucked away in form fitted vacuum molded plastic. The packaging was super decorative and my specific kit came with a cardboard table to perform on. I remember in the moment I was very excited to open this kit, and become the next great David Copperfield. However a lot of the instructions were poorly written and the methods of presenting the routines were just not always there at all. After many years I look back at the magic kits and realize they were never designed to captivate or inspire the magician inside of every kid looking for real magic, or a way to obtain superpowers (as I had believed would happen to me). These early magic kits were simply toys. A perfect reflection of what "magic" and/or what a "Magician" was in the early 90s. Often times Magicians were associated with side show acts, or only booked for kids shows for the average person, of course there was always the Rockstar Magicians or Illusionists that you would see on TV, or bigger venues, but for some reason a close up magician, kids magician, or sleight of hand performer was never accepted as a professional performer (trust me that stereotype still exists today). 

     May 19th 1997 was a turning point for the close up or street performer. This is when David Blaine aired his first street magic special. I as someone who was known as the nerdy kid doing magic tricks, overnight became the one fellow students were asking to see a trick from. It was a cool feeling and man did I learn a lot about being a performer. Since then magic has become very popular as we see magicians and illusionist tour all over the world, perform live on television, they have become winners of competitions shows like Americas Got Talent, and we have also seen various TV shows based 100% on magic (Wizard Wars on Sci-FI, Magic For Humans on Netflix, and Penn & Teller Fool US on the CW. It seems magic is everywhere and is here to stay. 

     If you are looking for entertainment maybe try something new and consider a Magician, you may be surprised how memorable it will be to have a live performance that is not only fun, but also interactive. If you need recommendations do not hesitate to reach out, if I am not available I know excellent performers first hand all over the country I can recommend with confidence. 

     If you have a child who is excited by magic tricks and wants to learn some you should look into the brand new Magic Kit by Shin Lim. I know I had kind of bashed magic kits a bit but magic has evolved over the years and finally so has this magic kit. Here is a link to learn more about it, and where to order it. If you need any help I am always here to assist you or your child in learning the proper technique to performing these amazing tricks with a live class or virtually anywhere in the world.

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