A truly magical year.

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     It has almost been one year from the time I opened the doors to Spellbound Magic Shop & Theater. It truly was an uncertain time. After many weeks of discussing with my wife, we finally agreed to move forward with signing the papers for the building. A week after signing, COVID-19 became a thing and sent much stress into my home, and some very difficult decisions were needed to be made. We decided to stay positive and move forward with my dream of opening a magic shop, and operating my own parlor theater. 

     After 2 months of ordering shelving, hanging décor, and filling the shop with magic tricks the shop was coming together, I then had to shift focus to the parlor theater. I sourced chairs from a friend, sanded and painted them, and covered the seats. I built a small platform stage, covered it with black carpet, and hung theater curtains. I took a step back  and regrouped on my vision. After many trips to Hobby Lobby, ordering online, and setting up lights, and sound the theater was ready for use. 

     My love for magic is in performing, so of course the theater was a must, and I expected it to be a huge part of my success to keep my doors open, but with COVID was I going to get any shows? Surprisingly enough I ended up being very busy with private birthday parties, virtual shows, private adult shows, and even magic classes. October was by far my busiest month with over 14 shows.


     Six months after opening my doors I started seeing regulars, and those who are excited to have a magic shop and even a place to buy specialty playing cards. One of the biggest selling items in my shop is playing cards. Starting out I couldn't keep up with demand. Not because the product wasn't there, but simply I had no idea the demand was going to be there. Collectors of all ages come in looking at my selection of what now is often over 70 variety of decks at any given time. One parent came in for special "Throwing Cards" for her son. These were something I knew about but had never used so I ordered a few decks and did some demos in the shop of card throwing that resulted in building a card throwing wall. If you are not familiar with it card throwing is much like axe throwing but with regular playing cards (not metal). 

     The primary reason for writing this is simply to say "Thank You". Thank you for everyone who has entered my doors, gave kind words of support, purchase products, and classes, liked our Facebook Page, left reviews, or even just for reading my blog/newsletters. In return I want to give back and offer 25% off my entire online store all month long. This discount is automatically applied when you have $30 or more in your shopping cart 


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